Welcome to our FAQS page which has answers to frequently asked questions about pallets. Over the years we have built up a knowledge database on the most commonly asked questions allowing us to create this page to help with your knowledge and selection of the best pallet for your operations.

Pallet Types

What Are The Pallet Types?

Pallet types vary in size and the type of materials used to build the pallet which is required to move your goods safely and securely. They are generally manufactured on how you plan to ship, store and handle them.

Pallet Quote

What Is Needed To Provide An Accurate Pallet Quote?

Who would have thought that there is a scientific approach to selecting the correct pallet for your operations? For pallet companies to be able to arrange an accurate pallet quote for you, the following information is generally needed.

Hybrid Pallets

What Are Hybrid Pallets?

A hybrid pallet is a pallet that is manufactured using different materials to achieve a specific purpose. It may be a combination of softwoods and hardwoods or even steel and wood.

Pallet Collars

What Are Pallet Walls Or Collars?

Pallet walls, sometimes referred to as pallet collars, are used to hold and protect your products that are being stored in your pallet. There are several types to be found around the world but, the most common type are the foldable and easy to attach to a pallet type.

Cardboard Pallet Liners

When And Why Do I Need To Use Cardboard Pallet Liners?

Generally a pallet will have gaps between the boards which makes any product that sits on the pallet prone to some type of alien object poking up between the boards and possibly damaging or puncturing your product. A cardboard pallet liner laid flat on the pallet may be a solution. 

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