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Pallet QuoteWhat Is Needed For An Accurate Pallet Quote?

For a pallet manufacturer to be able to arrange an accurate pallet quote for you, the following information may be needed.

Do you need timber pallets, plastic pallets, steel pallets or cardboard pallets?

If you do not know, that’s fine, as experienced pallet companies can generally help with the selection process. There are many alternatives which may be just as suitable for your operations, and even more affordable.

What size is going to best fit your product requirements?

Australian Standard Size is 1165mm x 1165mm – Pallets for shipping overseas should be no larger than 1145mm in width if you plan to sit them side by side in a shipping container.

Will these pallets be stored on pallet racking?

This helps with the size and gaps on the bottom boards of the pallets.

Will these pallets be stored outside or in refrigeration?

This is important because some types of pallet materials are not weather resistant.

Will these pallets be shipped overseas?

If so, these pallets may have to be fumigated or heat treated for export, and marked with the ISPM 15 insignia confirming that they meet IPPC requirements.

What static weight will be going on these pallets?

There are 2 versions of static weight;

The first being, what is the weight being placed on the pallet without moving it. A pallet can generally carry more weight if it is not to be moved.

The second being, the largest weight and dimension of one product. As an example, you may have a small product 600 x 600, weighing 1 ton, to go on a 1165 x 1165 pallet.

Generally static weight determines the top board thickness of the pallet.

What dynamic weight will be going on these pallets?

Dynamic weight determines bearer thickness as it measures the total dispersed weight over a pallet as well as the effects by force, gravity and pressure.

When your products are placed on these pallets, will you be stacking other loaded pallets on top? If so, how many or how high?

This is important as weight is measured from the bottom pallet. If you only have a 1 ton capacity loading for your pallet and you try to stack three high with maximum capacity loads,  your bottom pallet runs the risk of collapsing.

How many would you like to order and how often will you need pallets?

This is important when it comes to decreasing your costs. The more pallets you buy the cheaper they become. The main reason for this is the handling and transport costs associated with your pallet order.

What is the delivery address?

Obviously this is an important question as delivery costs are generally funneled into the final pricing. A pallet company’s transport costs are generally much cheaper than using any external carriers.

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