Used Pallets Sydney

Used pallets, provided by Pallets Sydney, are supplied and delivered direct from Sydney pallet recycling company specializing in used pallets.

Our used pallets are quality checked to make sure they can carry your products safely.

All our used pallets come with a range of choices that include;

  • Softwood, Hardwood or plastic
  • Company Name Stenciling (wood only)
  • Painted Bearers (wood only)

Timber Used Pallets

Timber Pallets Sydney

Our timber used pallets in stock come in various configurations and sizes which includes;

  • 1165mm x 1165mm
  • 1100mm x 1100mm
  • 1200mm x 1000mm
  • 800mm x 600mm

Plastic Used Pallets

Plastic Pallets Sydney

Our plastic used pallets in stock also come in a various range of sizes. The most popular sizes are;

  • 1100mm x 1100mm
  • 1200mm x 1000mm
  • Nestable or Non-Nestable
  • Lightweight & Export Ready

Used Pallet Supplier

Being a used pallet supplier in Sydney, with over a decade of experience, we are able to supply you with the most adequate used pallet for your operations.

When buying a used pallet, keep in mind that it is impossible for us to know what the previous load bearing on the pallet has been so, we recommend that they only be used for one way travel or in static situations.

All our used pallets are quality checked, before delivery of your used pallets, to make sure there are no loose or damaged boards.

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    What Others Say


    Peter Cahill

    I contacted David at Pallets Sydney as I needed some used pallets delivered the next day. He didn't let me down. Great service and I would always use this company for my pallet needs.

    Max Boyde

    Pallet Controller
    The last pallet company I used was sending me about 10% of half broken pallets. My neighbor suggested that I use Pallets Sydney, as he had never had any issues. The service I received was professional and the pallets were perfect. Highly Recommend!