Export Timber Pallets Sydney

Export timber pallets, provided by Pallets Sydney, are manufactured and delivered direct from Sydney export timber pallet manufacturer with a quality and reliable service.

You will find that export timber pallets are generally heat treated or fumigated for overseas transport of your valuable goods. All our export timber pallets carry the ISPM 15 branding to pass through customs.

Our export pallets are purpose built to suit your requirements. Popular export pallet sizes include;

  • 1100mm x 1100mm
  • 1145mm x 1145mm
  • 1200mm x 1000mm

ISPM15 Accredited

Export Pallets

Timber export pallets, that are shipped overseas, need to meet all expectations as set down by the United Nations and overseen by the IPPC.

At Pallets Sydney, we strive to provide a timber export pallet that meets all ISPM 15 obligations with clear branding. Our export timber pallets are quality checked before delivery.

Your timber export pallet can either be heat treated, or fumigated, based on your requirements. It will carry the ISPM 15 symbol for easy recognition by customs authorities.

The ISPM 15 branding on your export pallets has an easily identifiable registration number that will allow the export timber pallet to be traced back to the pallet manufacturer if there are any issues uncovered.

Heat Treated

ISPM 15 Export Pallets

Heat treated export pallets are environmentally friendly as no chemicals are used and this method allows the timber pallet to enter landfill at the end of its lifespan without causing damage to the environment.

Either the timber, or timber pallets, are generally placed in a modified shipping container and are heated until they reach a minimum core temperature of 56 °C for at least 30 minutes.

This process kills all pests outside and inside the timber allowing it to be safely shipped overseas.

Other processes outside of heat treating include fumigation. This method uses the toxic substance Methyl Bromide. Here, at Pallets Sydney, we recommend Heat Treating for all the above reasons.

Other Timber Pallet Types

Other timber pallet types that we can supply with affordability, excellence in customer service, and exceptional lead times, include;

Standard Pallets

Timber Pallets Sydney

Our standard pallets can be customised;

  • 1165mm x 1165mm
  • Softwood or Hardwood
  • 19mm or 25mm thick timber boards
  • Choice of Top and/or bottom lead boards
  • Pallet Jack & Forklift Compatible
  • Rackable or Non-Rackable

Custom Pallets

Custom Timber Pallets

Our custom pallets can be modified to suit;

  • Custom Notches for Straps
  • Anti pipe roll chocks
  • Softwood or Hardwood
  • Custom Board Spacing
  • 19mm or 25mm timber boards
  • Choice of bearers or blocks

Large Pallets

Large Timber Pallets

Our large pallets are;

  • Custom Sizes Available
  • Softwood or Hardwood
  • Custom Board Spacing
  • 19mm or 25mm timber boards
  • Forklift Compatible
  • Pallet Jack Compatible (based on configuration)

Small Pallets

Small Timber Pallets

Our small pallets are;

  • Custom Sizes Available
  • Softwood or Hardwood
  • Custom Board Spacing
  • 19mm or 25mm timber boards
  • Choice of bearers or blocks
  • Pallet Jack Compatible (based on configuration)

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    What Others Say


    Mathew Deacon

    Production Supervisor
    We required a load of heat treated pallets for export. I contacted David at Pallets Sydney and had a quote back within the hour. I found David to be passionate, friendly and professional. The pallets, when they arrived, were ideal for our purposes. I will be using Pallets Sydney again.

    Bryan Harden

    Operations Manager
    On dealing with Pallets Sydney for a couple of years, we can say their service is exceptional and their pallets are reliable. I would certainly recommend them to others.